These Terms are subject to the arbitration provision in your Credit Card Account Agreement (“Agreement”).

Please read these Terms carefully for important information about your rights and obligations in the Crate and Barrel Rewards Program (“Program”).

The Program is provided by Crate and Barrel. Crate and Barrel is solely responsible for the Program.

1. General. The Program allows you to earn rewards (referred to as “Reward Dollars”) or special financing (“Special Financing”) on eligible spend using your Crate and Barrel credit card account, Crate and Barrel Mastercard account, CB2 credit card account or CB2 Mastercard account (each, an “Account”). In these Terms, “you” and “your” mean the Account holder. “We,” “our,” and “us” mean Crate and Barrel. “Bank” means Synchrony Bank or its assignees. Other capitalized words not specifically defined have the same meaning as in your Agreement.

2. Eligibility. You will be automatically enrolled in the Program when the Bank opens your Account. Membership will be renewed automatically each year as long as your Account remains open and we continue to offer the Program. We may deny or revoke membership in the Program at any time for any reason.

3. Earning Reward Dollars or Special Financing. You will earn Reward Dollars for Net New Purchases as set forth below:

If the purchase at a Store Location is eligible for Special Financing (you will receive information for Special Financing offers via the Store Location if your purchase qualifies), you can choose between earning Reward Dollars or the Special Financing offer. If the Special Financing offer is chosen for a Net New Purchase, you will not earn any Reward Dollars for that purchase.

“Net New Purchases” means purchases of goods and/or services made by you or any Authorized User on your Account minus any returns, refunds or credit adjustments, rounded to the nearest dollar. Reward Dollars awarded for purchases that are returned or refunded or otherwise adjusted will be deducted from your Reward Dollars total. Such deductions may result in a negative Reward Dollars balance, in which case, any Reward Dollars you earn will be applied to reduce that balance.

Reward Dollars are not earned on: unauthorized or fraudulent charges, purchases of debt cancellation products, cash advances, interest, fees or any purchase receiving Special Financing.

We may from time to time make special offers for you to earn additional Reward Dollars on specific purchases. The terms and conditions for such special offers (such as which purchases qualify and the number of additional Reward Dollars you may earn) will be disclosed at the time of offer. Please check those terms and conditions carefully, as there may be important conditions or limitations (such as blackout periods, earning limitations or exclusions). Availability of any special offer is subject to change without notice.

Accrued Reward Dollars will be posted to your Reward Dollars balance on your monthly billing statement within 1-2 cycles from when the purchase is posted to your Account. We reserve the right to verify and adjust Reward Dollars at any time prior to or following posting or redemption.

4. Redeeming Reward Dollars for Reward Certificates. Accrued Reward Dollars will automatically be redeemed for Reward Certificates within 1-2 billing cycles when the threshold (currently at 20 Reward Dollars but subject to change, without notice) is met. Reward Certificates are issued in $20 increments via your monthly billing statement, with a maximum of 10,000 Reward Dollars being redeemed in any one billing cycle. Any Reward Dollars not redeemed for a Reward Certificate in a billing cycle will be rolled over to the next billing cycle.

Reward Certificates are redeemable for merchandise purchased on your Account at Store Locations. They are valid for 90 days from the date issued. There is no limit on redeeming Reward Certificates on a purchase, but the full amount of the Reward Certificate must be used at time of redemption (any remaining amount of the Reward Certificate not used on a purchase is forfeited). Once a Reward Certificate is issued, your Reward Dollars balance will be reduced by the number of Reward Dollars used to obtain the Reward Certificate(s). In the event of a return of a purchase made using Reward Certificate(s), you will receive a Gift Card for the value of the Reward Certificate used for the purchase. Reward Dollars you earn may not be combined with Reward Dollars earned by anyone else for purposes of receiving Reward Certificates or combined with any other discount (including employee discounts), except as otherwise provided in the offer. Accrued Reward Dollars and issued Reward Certificates have no cash value and are issued for award purposes only, and cannot be purchased, sold or redeemed for cash. Reward Dollars may not be used as payment of any outstanding obligations to the Bank or its affiliates or used in connection with any prior purchases. Lost, stolen, or expired Reward Certificates are not replaceable.

Reward Certificates may only be issued if your Account is Current. If your Account is not Current, you will not be eligible to receive them until the end of the billing period in which your Account is once again Current. “Current” means your Account (1) is open to new charges, (2) is not delinquent or in default under the Agreement, or (3) is not flagged as lost, stolen, or fraudulent according to Bank’s records.

5. Expiration and Forfeiture. Reward Dollars will expire 12 months after the date that they are accrued if there is no purchase activity on the Account in the following 12 months. Once Reward Dollars expire, they may not be redeemed. You will also forfeit your unused and unexpired Reward Dollars if you attempt to violate these Terms, if you file for bankruptcy, or if the Bank or you close your Account for any reason. You will not be entitled to and will not receive any compensation from us or the Bank for your Reward Dollars that expire or are forfeited.

6. Limited Liability. Unless otherwise required by law or our agreements with you, neither the Bank nor Crate and Barrel, nor any of our or its affiliates, officers, directors, employees, or agents will be liable to you, or anyone making a claim on your behalf, in connection with (a) any termination of, change in, or suspension of the Program; (b) any claim relating to products purchased using any Reward Certificates obtained through the Program; (c) any loss, damage, expense or inconvenience caused by any occurrence outside of our control; or (d) any taxes that you incur as a result of receiving or redeeming Reward Certificates. Notwithstanding the foregoing, any liability that we may have to you in connection with the Program shall be limited to the amount of any Reward Certificates you have earned in accordance with these Terms.

7. Changes. Subject to any requirements or limitations of applicable law, we may at any time for any reason change, limit, or terminate any aspect of the Program or these Terms. Changes may apply retroactively and may affect outstanding transactions and Reward Dollars.

8. Entire Agreement; Severability; No Waiver; Conflicts. The Program is not available to the extent prohibited by law. If any part of these Terms conflict with applicable law, that provision will be considered modified to conform to applicable law. If any part of these Terms is invalid, the rest will remain in effect. We will not lose our rights under these Terms because we delay or do not enforce them. These Terms are separate from and do not modify your Agreement. In the event of any conflict between these Terms and your Agreement, these Terms will control in any matter relating to the Program.

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